Office of the Director

 Director -- Vacant


Bradford Booth, Head of Legal Services

Bradford Booth

Bradford S. Booth, Esq. is head of the Department’s legal services. In that capacity, Booth provides legal services to the Director and the Department's six divisions: Lottery, Motor Vehicles, Municipal Finance, Revenue Analysis, Taxation, and Central Collections. Prior to joining the Director’s Office, he served as Chief of Legal Services for the Division of Motor Vehicles. He was in private practice in Connecticut before entering public service. Booth holds a bachelor’s degree in government from Colby College and a juris doctorate degree from William & Mary. 

Jane Cole, Acting Director/ Chief of Staff / Chief Financial Officer

Jane Cole

Appointed in November 2015, Jane Cole serves as the chief of staff and chief financial officer for the department.  In that role, Cole acts as a liaison between Revenue and other departments to implement projects.  She is also responsible for preparing and monitoring the department’s budgetary priorities. Cole joined state service in 2005 and spent the first ten years of her career working in human service agencies. Cole received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Nichols College.

Paul Grimaldi, Chief/Program Development 

Paul Grimaldi

Appointed in November 2015, Paul Grimaldi serves as the chief of information and public relations for the department. Prior to entering state government service, Grimaldi was a staff writer for The Providence Journal specializing in economic development, the casino industry and taxation issues. He spent more than 25 years in the communications industry, including positions with digital media outlets and a public relations agency.